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4 Super Sex Position For Guys With Curved Dicks

Not all the dicks are the same, ladies who have seen quite a few will agree with me on that. They vary in length, girth, complexion and what not, and most times, men with curved dicks usually get the short end of the stick, they sometimes feel bad about it because it isn’t straight as it should be ideally.

But don’t be dismayed, because there is big advantage in there, your curve can get to places where the normal straight dicks cannot get into, the bend can be the best feature about your tool.

Here are some of the best sex positions for the curved guys, as written by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The Curve Ball
This position requires the guy to be athletic to an extent, the lady is in foetus position while the guy is in the push up position over her or be in missionary position. This position allows for a little bit more extra stimulation to the clitoris than the regular straight penis. Either way your tool is curved, either to the left or right, swing your position as required.

2. The Clusterfuck
This is reverse missionary style, reverse in the sense of gender. The guy is underneath and the lady is on top of him, not only is it reversed, it is also the other way around, meaning, she is facing his feet while her legs are by his sides. She can be on all fours depending on which is more convenient.

3. The T-Bone
This is one of the best positions for curved guys, while she is laying on her back, get underneath her legs, close up to her private part, she can put her legs over your legs, as you lay on the side and work your curved tool. Her legs can be over your butt, your dick will get to hard to reach areas here.

4. The Downtower
If your curve isn’t to the left or right but downwards, then this one is for you. The lady is on all fours while the guy is behind her, her legs around his waist, with her lying on her belly. If she is good at yoga, then there will be no problem here, he can get in there as deep as before.

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