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4 ways sleeping naked does wonders for you sexually!

It’s not new information that we know someone who sleeps naked and we often wonder why some people do it. It is a strange practise for people who don’t do it but for people who are used to it, it’s best way to sleep. Sleeping in your birthday suit is fantastic and studies have shown that it can be greatly beneficial for your sex life.

This is where it gets even more interesting, it’s not only really good for you sexually but also great for your overall health. Here a list of points reported by Men’s Health .

1. Your love life will improve
You’re probably wondering how your love life will improve by just sleeping, one reason is that your genitals are open for business,
sex can happen quickly » , no need for the undressing business. A survey that was done with lots of participant revealed that about 57 percent of people who sleep naked are a lot more satisfied with their relationship than 43 percent that sleep with pajamas or clothes on.

Being in bed with naked someone you’ve got hots for is a no brainer, magic is about to happy.

2. Your dick will love it
This is one of the biggest reasons why men want to sleep naked, to free the penis. Wearing briefs or boxers to bed means that the material will bring the sexual organs, balls actually closer to the body, which might in turn increase the body temperature of the organ which can get up to 98 degrees. There is a reason why the balls are located outside of the body, it needs to stay cooler than the rest of the body.

In a research carried out at the Stanford University and National Institute of Child Health, they found out that men who wear light or free underwear during the day and sleep naked at night have about 25 percent lower chance of having damaged DNA in their semen unlike men who wear tight fitting underwear that restrict. Sleeping naked will keep your balls around 96 degrees which is about the right temperature for you to keep your sperms healthy, so sleep naked guys!

3. You will sleep better
When you’re trying to sleep, your body temperature needs to chill to about 5 degrees lower, and remain in this range for you stay asleep. You know what might keep your body temperature higher in the evening? Stay with me, it’s wearing clothes to bed, so if you sleep naked, there are chances that you can sleep better. You can now understand why when the heat in the room increases why you’re asleep, your brain wakes you up.

4. Your health will become better
While you’re naked in bed especially if you’re with the boo, oxytocin is released and this hormone can be very good for the body, it can make you feel better mentally and physically. The oxytocin is famously known as love hormone is an incredibly feel good sensation driver that is all good for everyone. It will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

With these few points, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that it’s in your best interest to take it off while going to bed » .

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