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5 Sex Positions For Guys With Premature Ejaculation

This is essentially making the best out of a bad situation, while you walk your long arduous work towards no longer being a one-minute man. Here are sex positions that can work for you, and make that one minute, the best one minute of her entire life.

Or it could happen once in awhile, you’re usually a big tireless sex horse but something unusual is happening.

Here are five sex positions that can help you fix that, according to Ali Drucker, Cosmopolitan.

1. Dominant Doggy
We all love doggy, okay let me rephrase that, most of us love doggy and it’s because of how deep we as guys can get, and also we’re in control, and who doesn’t like being in control. In this position, the guy is kneeling behind her, with her legs around his legs which gives him the chance to penetrate her from behind.

This position limits how deep it can get, the lady here can control the rhythm and speed.

2. Oral Sex
This is the biggest trick that guys use a lot. If you’re good at oral sex, then you can win with this. If you’ve made her orgasm through oral sex then half of your work is done. More orgasm is just icing on the cake. So, either you get your oral sex game better or solve your one-minute man problem.

Here is the lesson, before you start penetration sex, give her an orgasmic head then it’s easier for her to deal with your premature nature.

3. The Side-Winder
This is missionary position upgraded, the lady lies on her back and the guy straddles her, at an angle. The advantage of this position is that the lady can control the extent of the penetration, how deep it is. She can also control how much the legs are spread.

4. The Lusty Leg Lift
This is difficult, and that is good for the guy, in positions that are not convenient. When in positions of discomfort, your premature ejaculation might be the least of your problem. This position has both of you standing, and you know how difficult that can be, if you’re worried about not falling off or embarrassing yourself, the probability of premature ejaculation is pretty low. #JustSaying

5. Bend and Press
This is has her lying on her back while the guy kneels infront of her, with her feet on his chest. While her feet are on his chest, his penis is inside her. Just ensure to find your rhythm. This position can help your plight, and your hands are free to roam around other parts of her body.

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