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5 sure ways to get a job before graduation

Getting a job before graduating from a higher institution in Nigeria is a rare opportunity. You will probably be the happiest student if you get one while looking forward to graduation.

However, it can be tough and daunting to wait till you finish your first degree before you start looking for jobs that are abundantly scarce in the country.

There is no job anywhere will most likely be
the narrative every jobless graduates will be pushing to your ears. »

So, why wait till after your NYSC program before you start looking a job when you can take some steps to boost your chances of getting hired now?

Check this list as it offers you tons of ideas on how to land a great job opportunity as an undergraduate.

If you are interested in working for a company, try to seek information about the company. You can get information from its current interns. They'll probably have an idea of what the company the company is looking for and who to approach so as to avoid sending mail to the wrong person.
And if you have a friend in the company, you can ask him about how they were employed. He will probably give you some insights and could also introduce you to one or two senior staff.

While you are trying to network your way into the company, make sure you gain the needed skills that are relevant to the job. If you are interested in working for a media house, you can consider campus freelance instead till you get a call from the company.
For instance, you can join the campus press club or writers associations » to hone your writing skill. Social media skills are also needed almost everywhere today. Try to gain marketable skills in tech, social media and digital marketing, learn these skills and make them shine on your resume.
You can also sign up for free online courses that are relevant to your course of study and interest to bolster your professional abilities.

Don't get stuck with one company, there are other cool opportunities out there. Check job websites, newspaper advertorials, companies websites and their social media accounts.
You can also go to Linkedin to find organizations similar to the ones you're interested in to see if they are hiring.

To get certain jobs, your social media presence is highly important. For instance, if you want to work as an undergraduate social media manager for any company, you must also have active social media accounts.

You can also be using your social media accounts to publish articles you've written about the industry or job you are hoping to break into.

Build your LinkedIn profile and regularly publish sound job-related articles while you use your Tweeter handle and Instagram to publish facts and opinions as well as pictures respectively.
You can also set up a blog to write articles and convey your thoughts and opinions about industry issues.

Volunteering can be a very positive way to training in areas your school or first internship didn't provide. This can also offer you additional experience if the job in which you volunteer yourself is a familiar terrain

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