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5 things guys think about during shower sex and may not tell you

At the basis of it all, sex is sex, a pleasurable activity that can become more pleasurable depending on the connection of the people participating in the act. One way to make sex better is by changing sex positions and also finding new places for the act.

To make it more enticing, sex can be taken to different places, and the shower is one of those interesting places. It’s a popular destination for sex made even more popular by regular romance movies and of course porn. A lot goes on in a guy’s mind while it’s happening, if ladies can learn from our guys think about sex, then maybe it will make the experience better. Frank Kobola, Cosmopolitan shares a few opinion about this.

**1. It’s hard to see"*
If the water is running and not just prop for it then it will be hard to see, which is quite logical too, water will get into the eyes, and may be very uncomfortable, the ability to still maintain a viable erection while all this is happening demands award.

2. It’ll be better if the bathroom is bigger
This is always a factor, if your bathroom is big enough then good for you but for those apartments where the bathrooms are really narrow, shower sex » might be more of a torture than pleasurable act. You may wonder if it’ll better if it was a rich person’s shower.

3. Not slipping and dying is of more concern than orgasm
Like you know by now, the act in itself is very dangerous, bathrooms are slippery. No surprises here. He may not show concern about it but it’s a very possible risk. To guard against this, you may want to put down a foot mat. Death from sex might be orgasmic but not one will be there to validate that for you.

4. It’s definitely different and maybe fun or terrifying
Sex in the shower feels different from any other type, you’re both wet, and it just feels like the guy is super lubricated but that can bad for a woman because hot water can feel like drying up down there. Depending on the guy, this might feel good or damn awful.

"*5. That wall might be dirty**
Yea, it happens. While you’re both in there, getting busy, it is plausible that the wall he is grinding you against may be dirty, he may just remember that he cannot recollect the last time that he cleaned that wall. That is good news and bad news, the bad news here is obvious, and good news is that he can use this as a delay tactic that diverts his attention away from sex making him last longer.

There is also a possibility that the guy may want to use this chance to wash his pubes, and the positions while its pouring can be limited, you can do just like three other positions unless you get some towels on the floor and get busy. The running water might be a bother but good luck with that.

With all we’ve said, it’s still cool to try it out.

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