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5 things guys think about while been jerked off

This is perhaps one of the laziest forms of sex » , it’s a fooling around thing, you may think it’s not worth your time but if you get someone who you’re really into do that to you then you’ll realise how much fun it is.

It isn’t every time that sex has to happen, sometimes just chill with her and let her tug your dick, see how that sensation hits you, who knows it can lead to other things, from oral sex to incredible sex. Here are the pointers according to Frank Kobola, Cosmopolitan.

1. It goes better with lube
You can tug on it without on it back and forth with just your hands but it will be rough but doing it with lube give another planet kind of sensation. The more the lube, the better but it doesn’t have to overflow. Just the right amount will do fine. Just to enable an ease of hand going back and forth on the penis.

2. He can do it himself
It’s a no brainer, it’s something he can do himself, probably something he does before you even show up as well. It’s like an appetizer for the real meal, something to get the guy ready for the real sex. Let’s be honest, he can do it better just like how women give the best kind of oral sex » to other women because they know the body better. Let’s say it as it is there are good handjobs heck, even incredible handjob.

3. We can tell when you don’t enjoy it
We can tell of course, it is really difficult to hide that expression of boredom of just rubbing one off for him. It’s like one of those things you can multitask at, like while giving him handjob you can watch the TV or even bring out laptop from your bag.

4. You’re forgetting the balls
Essentially, most of the time, it can be a mindless activity and can also be one of the several tasks that she is doing. Quite naturally, the balls get forgotten in the mix. Sad… just sad. Just give them a little rub.

5. Not what he wants but it's all he’s getting
Naturally, handjob isn’t what he wants, he would totally take oral sex and gloriously give into great sex » but that doesn’t look like it will happen. So, to help the situation right now, he is probably having flashbacks into the past at times when the sex was great.

He’s thinking you might be offended if he wants to take over, and can be offensive which means she is doing a bad job, so in case you don’t mind him doing it, let him know. People have all sort of fetish these days including watching a man jerk himself off. Another point is that he isn’t clear if it should be fast or long in duration.

If this is the first time that you’re both having anything sexual then he doesn’t want it very short so you don’t think he’s a one minute man, and not too long that she doesn’t want want to ever have sex.

So either ways, he is screwed.

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