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5 things guys think about while shagging your boobs

Boobs sex is one thing you won’t find with most guys, it’s for the boobs crazy guys, people who are in love with boobs. For those of us that are into it, let’s see a show of hands in the comment section.

Just like while you’re doing anything, thoughts run through the mind, and here are some fun ones according to Frank Kobola, Cosmopolitan.

1. Sorry about your neck
Depending on how long his dick is, and how mindless he is thrusting into those glorious boobs, there is a chance that he is jabbing his dick into your neck » which can be annoying when he’s thrusting really fast. Annoying and even more embarrassing to see how much he is lost in the act that he cannot note the displeasure he is causing.

2. It’s much better with big boobs, but #SmallBoobsMatter
Yes, he may never say this out loud but know that he is thinking about this. Not to say he isn’t enjoying this but if those bad boys were double Ds, he’ll probably have ejaculated by now.

3. Chances he might cum over your boobs
If the titty-fucking is what is being used as a finisher which means the last act to finish the sex, then there is a huge possibility that he’d been ejaculating over your boobs » . While ejaculating over the boobs might not be something you’re into, you may want to let him know, else he will be spraying his jizz all over your boobs. Some ladies enjoy having cum over their boobs during the guy’s orgasms and others don’t, get her consent before doing it.

"*4. It works better when the boobs are tighter
This is the one we probably want to say but are still looking for the best way to just say it. What makes the boobs fucking really good is how tight the boobs as the guy thrusts through them. So, he’s still looking for a way to tell you to press them together tighter, the dick feeds off the tightness of the boobs together as it penetrates. It will be tough for us to do this by himself.

5. Jizz could get into your eyes**
It could happen, and he’s very sorry about that. He might have a fetish of ejaculating into all sorts of places but your eyes isn’t one place he wants to. He is scared about doing this, but there is a risk of this happening, and sometimes ejaculation can come at fast speed and this happens. Sorry…...

Something weird going through his mind as well is the fact that while he’s thrusting into your chest, his bare ass is all over your stomach area, hovering over it. In case you’re wondering why he wants it, it’s one of those things really that he thinks will be enjoyable. He loves boobs already so why not put his dick in between.
There is really no big logic behind it asides adventure that could be fun.

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