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5 things guys think when giving you head

We have discussed what runs through the guy’s mind while you’re giving him head » , it’s only fair that we do the reverse as well. Trust guys, there a lots of things going through his mind as he is down there giving you the ‘business’.

As a guy, let me just say here, the view is beautiful. Here are 5 thoughts in a guy’s mind while giving you oral sex, as listed by
Frank Kobola, Cosmopolitan.

1. Your grip can be too hard
Let me explain, so when you’re about to cum, there is an involuntary grip while our neck and head is stuck in between your powerful thighs and for some ladies, these can be deadly. So, try not to get so carried away and murder someone because you’re having too much of a good time.

2. The thing with the jaw
It’s a jaw work, let’s us give a moment of silence to how resilient the jaw is with all the licking, sucking and teasing going on down there. Men need to learn to train their jaw for this labour of pleasure. He’s probably there thinking I need to exercise my jaw more so I can do this longer.

3. It’s not so bad down here
For some who may not be totally into
blowjob » , they might harbour some reservations about this but it’s not as terrible as it sounds. We see how much movement is going on around your waist and how your eyes are closed, mouth slightly open,and moaning noises. It’s going good, you love it and we also enjoy doing that.

4. We know the beard tickles
Welcome to the greatest show in your privates, while we’re busy slopping around your vagina, we know that the beard tickles the surrounding skin around your vagina. All for the same purpose right. While a grown beard adds to pleasure, the beard stubble on the other hand can be annoying, it can be painful for her.

5. They can taste differently
This isn’t an advertisement for men to go around tasting ladies but vaginas taste different. Whoever said if you tasted one, you’ve tasted them all lied.

The view is amazing, we can see your nipples and your face and get direct feedback on how good or bad we’re doing. If you want it during your period, that sounds weird but who knows, your partner may be into it, so have a talk about it.

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