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5 things that go through a guy’s mind while you’re blowing him

We might not be thinking about the cure to cancer or what our life would be like in the next 5 to 10 years, while that might not be a bad thing. It is advantageous especially if you don’t last long before spurting out your goods, taking one’s mind off sexual activities can help. This probably happens to a lot of guys.

Ladies, here are things that guys think about while receiving head that we might not share with you, according to Frank Kobola, Cosmopolitan.

1. Suck more, lick less
There perhaps hasn’t been a way for us guys to convey this message in a way that it won’t come off as offensive. During blowjob » , the sucking is infinitely more pleasurable than the tongue drag around the shaft. Okay, there it is, I’m now doing public service announcement.

2. Blowjob is great but the receiver can be lazy
It goes without saying that the receiver is on holiday here, he cannot but relax and enjoy. One of the most enjoyable thing asides from having your sexual organ sucked is that you can relax, probably smoke some cigarette or put your hands behind your head and enjoy the service, it cost nothing to enjoy it.

3. He’s prolonging it
You might be wondering why he’s prolonging it, it’s simple and easy, because he’s enjoying it. Just like the opening paragraph of this article, a great way of prolonging sex either oral or penetrative is to allow the mind drift, so it’s not fully focused on what is going on. So, he could have finished 5 minutes into it, but it’s an enjoyable act.

4. Time to admire your hair
During this, there is only time to admire your head or hairstyle so if there is any visible dandruff, he would be seeing it.

5. What is the purpose of this
It can sound like a bit of WTF but it is true, what is the purpose of the blowjob, is it meant to lead sex or that’s the end of it. The uncertainty here is pretty much the problem, and it can be difficult to find out, some of this can explain why he might be holding out. Is this blowjob » an appetiser to something or main course.

Bonus point
Ladies, you might not know, but if you don’t want to stay long ‘blowing’ him, you should probably play with his balls while sucking him. The blowjob will be over faster but here is the disclaimer, it may not work for everyone.

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