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5 ways to kick off the new semester

Whatever mistake you made last session has certainly gone with 2017. You have a new opportunity now, and you've got to start this new semester strongly.

Starting the new academic session the right way will help you achieve your academic goals if at all you've set any.

The New Year Resolution of a lot of students is obviously to grow » and get better in their academic pursuits. However, many only wish to get better but do not know how to.
If you are in the class of such students, you really needs these resumption tips to start the new semester the right way.

Here are the five tips you'll need to start the new academic session in a different way that is better than your last semester.

It is high time you started to invest in textbooks. Relying on the lecturers' handouts won't really help you know.
Remember lecturers will give you so little and expect much more from you during examinations. Buying textbooks will help you get more from the little the prof has taught you. Reading the textbooks will also give you more confidence to ask questions and make contributions in the class.

Nigerian lecturers like surprises. A prof can enter the class and decide to give you a test to shock you all.
Preparing ahead of the class would be a good shock absorber. And since you have the textbooks you can easily prepare yourself ahead of lectures. This practice will also bolster your academic confidence strengthen your CGPA.

If you ended last session without associating yourself with any meaningful club or society on campus, this session is the best time to join one.
Apart from learning one or two things from these clubs or societies » , playing active roles in any association you decide to join could arm you with leadership skill.

The fire brigade approach to exams has to with 2017. You can start this semester with a study schedule. So, instead of constantly delaying your assignments to do at night, you can carve out about 30 minutes every day for each class you’re taking.
You can also choose a specific place to study after each lecture. If you don't enjoy using the school library, you can look for another place to study. Just make sure you devote at least 30 minutes to revise.

Do not limit your campus activities to attending lectures and going to the library to study, you also need to start living a healthy lifestyle, eat right food and have enough sleep to stimulate your brain activities.

The tips will surely help you to have an amazing semester. Repeat the cycle next semester, you'll find yourself growing experientially and academically.

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