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Anker’s gigantic portable battery is now smaller, lighter, and almost half the price

Anker today announced a second-generation version of its extra-large PowerHouse portable battery that is lighter and smaller than the original, with less than half the capacity but almost half the price. The device, unveiled at CES, will be available this summer for $299.99, or about $200 cheaper than the first-gen PowerHouse.

The gadget is pretty much the aesthetic equivalent of a car battery, but with an obviously sleeker interface designed to handle all manner of electronic gadget charging and household appliance power delivery. Anker markets the product as both an excessive charging solution for the gadget-obsessed camper — someone who can’t go even one day without a power outlet replacement — and a backup solution for outages and other emergencies.

The new PowerHouse 200, as you might suspect, has a 200Wh capacity, and it weighs under seven pounds, compared with the standard PowerHouse’s 9.3-pound weight. The newer version retains a comparable 100-watt AC output for powering most modern appliances.

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