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Cow on Runway, 2 🛩Planes Abort Landing at Ahmedabad & Head to Mumbai

Flight diversions due to inclement weather is a pretty common phenomenon. So is the sight of cows just lounging and sitting on Indian roads. However, what is not so common is for flights getting diverted because of the said animal loitering at the runway.

On Wednesday night, at least two international flights at Ahmedabad airport had to abort their landing at the airport and were flown to Mumbai, all thanks to a cow that had sauntered in the middle of the runway, the Times of India reported.

Confirming the news to the daily, Airports Authority Of India chairman Guruprasad Mohapatra said, "A cow had entered through cargo side. But was controlled soon." Meanwhile, Ahmedabad Airport director said that an inquiry has been ordered into the incident. "I have sought a report on it," he said, as per news agency ANI.

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