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Judging Men By The Salary They Make Shows A Lack Of Ambition

This week’s Flop of the Week comes from Twitter where a young woman implied that men who make less than 100k cannot feed themselves and therefore cannot be in a relationship with her.

The user @_TokeA was responding an inquiry on the anonymous questioning app, Curious Cat . The random user had asked if she could date a man whose monthly salary is less than 100k and if yes, whether he could slide in her DMs.

Her response was definite, she told the young man to stay away.

When other Twitter users asked why she wouldn’t do it, she responded by saying that the cost of living would be too much for anyone who earned that amount and she could not be with a man who could not feed himself.

While it is completely fine to set standards for the spouse one chooses, judging men by the salary they make shows a lack of ambition.

First, a relationship is a two-way street where two independent adults are supposed to meet each other halfway.

Implying that a person is not ideal because you believe they cannot even feed themselves, talk little of yourself, does not exactly suggest that you are certain of fending for yourself.

Of course, this speaks to the larger conversation about the man’s role in a relationship and whether he is obligated to cover the woman’s financial needs.

It is ironic that the same person who tweeted this opinion has also, in the past, made pleas to celebrities like Don Jazzy and Tekno for financial assistance.

This is 2018. Let’s all be guided.

Source: Pulse Ng

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