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Lily's brand new sex bucket list begins with the taxi driver

"Come’on! Why do I have to do it" I groaned
"Stop complaining jor, you got an easy one" Blessing said holding the list away from me
Blessing came up with this ridiculous idea of a bucket list, she made a list of ridiculous sex dares that we must take turns doing the dates and on this unlucky day I picked to seduce and have sex with a taxi driver; What happens in Blessings head?!

"What if he’s gross with a big tummy" I asked
"Even better" Blessing replied her eyes lighting up
Blessing is really the spawn of Satan but how bad can it be, most of the taxi drivers I have seen are not all hideous and who knows he just might last fifteen seconds and it would be over

"There has to be video proof" She said excitedly
I gave her a dumb bitch look
"Shebi, you buy me spy camera" I said rolling my eyes

" then" She said
I stood up and stretched before heading out of my room
"You going now? Looking like that?"she called out

"Nah, I’m going to get drunk first" I answered
I got to the kitchen and grabbed a tumbler, I opened the cupboard I keep my alcohol and pulled out a flavored Vodka before reaching into the fridge for juice, I mixed both with a generous amount of vodka, I took a sip and added more vodka, I walked back to the room drink in hand.

"Wow! You couldn't even make me a drink" She said looking at my cup
"It's not you that's about to go fuck a random taxi driver" I snapped at her

I walked to my closet wondering what to wear
"Come help me pick out something" I called out
"Pick your damn clothes" She snapped back
Such a drama queen, I perused through my outfit and picked out a cute sundress I have never worn, my mum got it for me; it's cute but it's good girl vibe is just not for me but for some reason it felt perfect for today. I took a large gulp and took the dress off the rack. The dress looked great on me, my boobs giving it a really nice shape; I just love being so shapely.
I sat down and brushed my eyebrows before applying a light pink lip gloss
"It's the moment you've been waiting for" I said dramatically

Blessing sat up looking super excited, I picked my purse and we went out, we walked to the road and I said a prayer. A taxi pulled up and I leaned down to take a look at the driver,he will do; he looked like he was in his mid forties and best of all he didn't have a very big tummy.
I turned around to a smiling blessing and hugged her

"Good luck" she said giggling
I entered the taxi my heart racing
"Drop kubwa" I said

The farther the better, he started moving and I started plotting, it's already dark I could ask him to pull over n ask if he wanted to fuck or pay him to fuck me. I leaned back and pulled out my phone, I opened a porn video and lowered the volume down but enough for him to hear, I fast forward past the amateur acting to where the girl was sucking his hard big dick, I could feel my pussy getting wet.

I watched some more as he started to fuck her mouth hard, I parted my legs and rubbed my clit gently before shoving in two fingers, I dropped the phone and threw my head back pushing my fingers deeper inside me. The thrill of touching myself as cars sped by was so intense I forgot why I started, till the car stopped and I realized we were not on the highway anymore, I felt the hair on my body rise as fear crept in
"Why did you stop here" I said trying not to sound scared

"So that you go finish" He said with a thick accent I didn't know
"You wan help me finish" I asked the fear gradually being replaced with excitement
He didn't say anything but opened his door and went out; I guess not, one of my doors open and he was standing there wearing only his shirt, I couldn't really see his dick in the darkness so I reached and touched it smiling to myself, his dick was fat but not too short should be around six inches, I reached into my purse, dug out a condom, tore it and wrapped his dick with shaky hands.

I parted my legs but he flipped me over making me gasp with surprise, he spanked my ass before he slipped a finger in, he took out his fingers, put his rough hands on my thighs and pulled me back, I felt his dick sliding into me, my pussy stretched to accommodate him, he started to move roughly and fast.

He grabbed my hair and yanked making me cry out from the pain of my hair and his fat dick slamming in and out of me hard,he was mumbling in a language I didn't know and I hoped he wasn't trying to steal my destiny, he pulled my ass up and pumped in faster and faster till he pushed in deeper groaning as he came,his pulsating dick made me cum with me gushing juices all over him. He pulled out and closed the door, I unlocked my phone
Oh shit, I wasn't recording!

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