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New Galaxy S9 Leak Hides The Biggest Surprise


The latest renders (reported on by Android Headlines) features the Galaxy S9 in a reverse third angle, and the Galaxy S9 Plus in full profile. It’s a typical hero pose that shows the dominant screen and the minimised bezels on the front of the S9 Plus, the identifying curved edges, and the lack of any physical home button. The rear shot of the S9 highlights the rear-mounted fingerprint - now in a slightly better position and a bit further from the camera lens.

What it doesn’t reveal is Samsung’s decision over a dual-lens camera for its smartphone. Until now Galaxy fans wanting a dual lens on their mobile device had to pick up the Galaxy Note 8 phablet. As the Android-powered competition pushes forward with dual-lens cameras now showing up on mid-range devices, Samsung needs to decide if the time is right for the Galaxy S family to have that option.

These renders confirm the expected direction of the Galaxy S9, with the smaller handset retaining the single lens system. But attention is on the Galaxy S9 Plus. The extra size of the handset could offer enough volume to allow for the first dual-lens on an S device. If Samsung does not want to be ‘left behind’ (and typically Samsung’s PR strategy is all about being the best of the best. That pretty much demands a dual lens camera somewhere.

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