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No Human Law Is Perfect’: Top Quotes From Buhari’s New Year Message


President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday addressed Nigerians in a live television broadcast to commemorate the New Year. Here are some of the top quotes drawn from the President’s speech below:

🗣We must change our way of doing things or we will stagnate and be left behind in the race to lift our people out of poverty and into prosperity.

🗣We have got to get used to discipline and direction in economic management. The days of business, as usual, are numbered.

🗣Great nations are built by enterprising people who turn their hands to anything that circumstances dictate.

🗣No human law or edifice is perfect. Whatever structure we develop must periodically be perfected according to changing circumstances and the country’s socio-economic developments.

🗣When all the aggregates of nationwide opinions are considered, my firm view is that our problems are more to do with process than structure.

🗣Politicians must avoid exploiting ethnicity and religion by linking ethnicity with religion and religion with politics. Such must be avoided at all costs if we are to live in harmony.

🗣Political discourse should be conducted with civility, decorum and in a constitutional manner. We all have a collective responsibility to strengthen our democracy and entrench the rule of law.

🗣Terrorism and urban crimes are world-wide phenomena and our security forces are continuously adapting their responses to changing threats.

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