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Pimax’s massive 8K VR headset

Pimax's latest 8K virtual reality headset, came to CES this year. After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, one in which Pimax raised more than $4.2 million and beat out even Oculus VR’s initial crowdfunding campaign, it’s working toward mass production of the consumer version that is slated to come out later this year after an initial shipment to backers.

It does achieve stunning high-resolution visuals, 3840 x 2160 dual displays to be exact, and a rather remarkable 200-degree field of view. Pimax’s unit is without a doubt what the bleeding edge of VR hardware technology looks like. But that also means it exists as a testament for all the hurdles consumer VR needs to clear to be adopted by mainstream consumers.

Because while the Pimax headset may be an impressive technical feat, it’s not so stellar in the design department. The headset is gigantic and cumbersome, weighing much more than a standard VR headset like the Rift and even more, it seems, than HTC’s weighty Vive. Most consumers probably wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something as eye-popping as the Pimax.

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