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Sex Trends Guys Shouldn’t Roll With In 2018

It’s a new year, and with the new year, people tend to have resolutions, new things they want to do, and stuff they want to stop on the other hand too. The concept of the new year is that it resets the clock for another 12 months thereby giving us the chance to do better, and be better overall. Hence why we put a lot of emphasis on your new year resolutions.

This is one habit that we should just stop without waiting for the new year but the thing is we all get carried away because we’re enjoying it and not all of us are mindful of our partners during sex. Before we go ahead, how many people have had sex this year » . Let’s see with a show of hands in the comment section. If you’ve gotten some then you’re such a lucky bastard!
Back to why we’re here because sex is such an enjoyable act, people constantly just lose themselves in it. Some guys like dominating sex, which isn’t a bad thing but it can be awful if it is done without the permission of your partner. If you’re doing something that your partner doesn’t like or enjoy, then you’re doing it for yourself, which makes the sex selfish instead of it been mutually enjoyable » .

The fact that guys like to do it rough and hard might have to do with their need to be in control, and for others who began watching porn from an early age. It can be the exposure they have seen from porn, and the lack of not being able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Porn movies are make-believe, the girls don’t actually have sex like that in their private life on a daily basis. Some do, I will grant you that but for the rest, it’s normal like regular people.
Allowing porn dedicate how your sex life is something that is disastrous and would lead to a miserable expectation of sex. Speak to your partner about the kind of sex that you want to have. If she is into it, then it will make for a special session between the both of you.

Something else that men need to leave behind in 2017 is the act of changing sex positions in quick succession. This might be good for a guy because it allows him show his flexibility but it is in many ways bad for a lady.

For a lady to achieve orgasm, she needs to have sex in a particular position for a while, not just do one position for 1 minute then flip her into another position. Ask your lady how she enjoys it and be attentive. Remember that for her to orgasm, you need to stick to a sex position » long enough for her to get there before you switch to another position.

What is also uncool is the case where guys push the lady’s head down into the crouch asking for oral sex. Not unless she has told you that she likes to be treated like that. DON’T DO IT!

It’s rude and very unpleasant, also demeaning. If she isn’t into it then don’t do it. The world is a weird place and some ladies might like it, if you find one like that, you’re in luck else get in line with the rest of us but not forcing a woman down your shaft. If she is annoyed, you can risk serious injury if she decides to take a bite.

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