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Stealing sex from colleague and boyfriend

Slowly the bra came off and the panties followed suit, he ran his hands through her hair past her face, neck and down to her cleavage.
He paused around her boobs, played around with it, pinched her nipples and whilst cupping it kissed her deeply. She gushed and moaned into his mouth and pressed more into him. He lifted her and placed her by the wall for support while she wraps her legs around him, he traced his lips through her bare body, planting kisses all through her neck down to her areola before taking her tits; he bit a little and then took it all in.

He squeezed her boob as his tongue danced in circles around her pout nipples. She tilted her head and moaned in ecstasy; he trailed his tongue from her tits to her belly button gently going on his knees, fully on his knees now he kissed her thighs till his face is inches before her cunt.

Slowly he lowers his lips to her lips not before drawing in her scent, he laps her up with his tongue tickling and thrilling her, her moans were rising and when she tightens her grip around his head whilst bucking her hips over his face, he knew she would soon come, so he retreats and carry her to the bed, ignoring her plea for orgasm as he takes his time to undo his clothes.
When he was done, he kissed her forehead and slid into her, he went gentle at first, taking his time to explore her pussy, when he had his fill with exploring, he became fierce, firing in strokes after strokes and not before long they climaxed together.

Nancy woke up the next morning happy, Jide sure do know how to hit it, last night was the best makeup sex ever, considering they had a big fight prior to the sex and she had carried out loads of threat, their team members who were in their retreat apartment in Akwa Ibom heard it all. Well all is settled now and today is definitely going to be a good day, she smiled to herself and turned to kiss him good morning, that was when she saw it.

Everyone of her team member was confused with some of the girls in tears, who could have killed Jide? He was full of life just last night and now he lies in the pool of his own blood, his throat cut open while he slept. To think that Nancy threatened to deal with him two nights ago and he winds up dead this morning, questionable.

Seated in the living room in the midst of her teammates later in the afternoon, she knew she had a lot of explanation to do and just like she thought Essien spoke up first
‘You didn’t have to kill him you know? We know he hurt you, he cheated and it was bad but taking his life? That’s extreme’ Nancy was still trying to process what she said when Kola backed her up ‘Yeah, very extreme. That was so heartless of you, I thought you were carrying out an empty threat but you proved me wrong.
Can you get any worse? TELL ME?’ He was practically yelling now and the others joined him in condemning her save for Zuby whom was calm and calculated whilst they all yelled, when she couldn’t take it anymore screamed
‘SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP’ and they all paused, breathing heavily she spoke

‘So, y’all believed I will Kill Jide in our bed with all of you present? Y’all think I’m that crazy? Wow! Dudes we had crazy ass sex last night, makeup sex to be precise, it was our new beginning but clearly someone didn’t want me to be happy’ She broke down again and Zuby reached out to her

‘I believe you, someone acted on your threat and I intend to find out who’ Night came and she couldn’t sleep so she went to the only person whom at least believed her Zuby, she told him she couldn’t sleep as everything in the room scares her..

He let her in and tried to lift her spirit by comforting her and in the midst of all that emotions they kissed, their clothes came off in a jiffy and before you could say jack Zuby's massive dick was at the entrance of her of her pussy, he paused as if asking for her permission, she nodded and he slammed in. His thrusts was fierce but coated with emotions, he held her legs pulled her closer into him and thrusted deeper, she moaned out loud gyrating her hips to match his thrusts

'Come ride me' he said, she straddle him, positioned his dick to her pussy and sat on it. She whined her hips slowly sending sensations all over his body and he groaned but he wanted more, so he started hitting from under fiercely.
She got the cue and followed suit, she humped like her life depended on it, she will hump and gyrate her hips in circles at intervals and soon they were both shooting cum on each other.

They shagged one more time before sleeping off, the next morning their driver came to take them to the site but realized that not one of them was awake, that being strange he broke the door with the help of the security guy in charge of the place after knocking for a long time without response.

They got in to find them all dead in their rooms, Nancy and Zuby were found dead naked, the killer slit their throats the way he did to Jide and same with the other team members.

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