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There Is A Link Between Regular Sex And Being Smart

Recently, we spoke about how sex can cure almost everything. We’re back again with another big advantage of why you should have sex more frequently.

The Mr. Incredible we speak of here isn’t M.I, as in Jude Abaga, neither is it does it directly mean Mr. Incredible from The Incredible movies. It’ used here to identify someone who is incredibly smart.

There is a new discovery that has been made, which sex is awesome for you, and it is been backed with science. You know what that is, science is back up by verifiable fact. Following this new study, it has been discovered that frequent sex can make men smarter, reports Zepnep Yenisey, Maxim .

This study was carried out at the University of Coventry and the University of Oxford, where they were able to uncover that having sex is good for men, it can also be good for the brain as men get older.

The study surveyed about 73 people whose age ranged between 50 - 83, they were quizzed about their sex lives, and discovered that over half of the respondents said they have sex daily. 35 per cent of them said monthly, and 13 per cent of them said they don’t have sex anymore, this was published in the Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences.

Their brain functions were also assessed, with a couple of cognitive assignments. They found out that those who had sex frequently scored at least two points higher than those participants who have sex monthly, and four points more than those that don’t have sex at all..

It also further showed that those people who have sex regular were better at verbal fluency. They were tested with mentioning as many nouns as possible that starts with letter B in 30 seconds. Asides from verbal fluency, they also aced visual tests, such as sketching from memory.

While the actual cause of this is still been determined, it is most likely to be that the elevation of neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and dopamine and hormones are the cause of this.

You do get it now, how having frequent sex can make you smarter in your twilight years. Instead of becoming old and senile, regular sex during your old age can keep sharp and light on your feet.

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