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These male sex dolls are incredibly endowed. Check Why

So a couple of days ago, the internet was on fire with the ‘release’ of sex dolls Shakira (Not the singer) one of them, who are really curvy and Nigeria Twitter responded accordingly with numerous hilarious meme and reactions to it.

Well guys, we might be in for a treat because the company has released a male sex doll who is seriously endowed. I mean Congolese size dick endowed. We might not have been overjoyed about it because the ladies have got theirs.

These days more ladies have dildos or vibrators than guys that have fleshlight or any other vagina toy on the market. The full size male sex dolls isn’t the only one.

Earlier other sex dolls were created that have torsos and broad chest.

There is a silicone sex toy with a male torso, so for that cowgirl/girl on top sex position, it can feel real, and the torso is real too.

The love doll is a male realistic frontal toy with full torso. It is 20 inches in length, 13 inches wide, it also has a 7.5 inch dildo and 2.4- inch ball. It has ass entry for people who may require it for their fetish.

People who have purchased and used the toy had the following comment about it.

One user said;
It is pretty good and fills you up. However it sweats in the box and you need to make sure you clean it really well each time you use it. Sometimes it rubs me the wrong way and I get dry but I always have an orgasim.
The thing I like about this doll is that you can ride it however you want and for however long you need and the 7-8 inch penis always stays hard so when your ready to cum the penis stays hard which gives me a harder more intensive orgasm.

Another said
Great enhancement for a couple's sex lives. The dildo part is really thought out well. It has a very good curve and I believe that this is absolutely the key for giving a woman Gspot orgasms. The wife came on this thing within 2 minutes and did so more than once. The ability for the dildo to be clicked into position really helps too , giving it a wide variety of angles to enter with. Worth every penny.

Not everyone was impressed about it, buyer said
Dong was bent in 3 different places and wasn't really adjustable it was like aiming down ward. Returning for sure gf was very disappointed.

Just one more image of the big dick sex doll

Ladies, will you like to go for a ride?

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