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This home security camera looks away when you come home

It's hard to get on board with the idea of filling homes with smart security cameras for a number of reasons, not the least of which is privacy. But there’s one smart camera at CES this year that has a clever solution to the whole spying-on-you problem: just have the camera look away.

The smart camera Angee — which was crowdfunded in 2015 and is now beginning to ship to backers — is able to rotate a full 360-degrees. That allows the camera to spin around to face a wall when it realizes that you’re home, which is a smart solution to the uncomfortable feeling of always having a camera pointed in your direction.

Netatmo’s product integrates with Apple’s HomeKit system, and as of this week, Canary’s integrates with Alexa, making those options a bit more flexible. Angee says that its Kickstarter backers — close to 1,300 of them — should be receiving their cameras within the next six weeks.

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