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This Is The Age When Women Experience The Best Orgasms According To Women!

Yup, turns out there is a certain age when women will enjoy sex and orgasms more. For what it is worth, they are real, they’re not in your teenage years when your parents trusted you, and could swear on their lives that you’re a virgin.

Not those years, and not your twenties either. According to a new study by Natural Cycles, that involves over 2600 female participants who were questioned about their sexuality, they were divided into three broad age categories, the first was ladies aged 23 and below, second was between 23 and 36, and lastly ladies above 36 years old.

There's been a general idea in pop culture for years that women achieve their sexual peak in their thirties. A new study conducted by the people behind the contraceptive app Natural Cycles seems to indicate there's some truth in that.

After the results were collated, the winners were the 36 years old women. They recorded that they’re happier with their lives now, they feel more attractive, they have way much better sex, and feel great in bed, and more importantly, the orgasms are the best at that age.

In another report published by the New York post, they reported that a woman having the best orgasm has more to do with her confidence than any other reason. Here is what the report said;

Women who are in their late 30s or high are the most confident in themselves, as they scored 10 per cent higher than women in their middle age who are the unhappy about how they look.

The last group however, scored in the middle for how they felt good about their attractiveness, but they were the one who scored the lowest in how frequently they experienced orgasm.

In the happiest category of women, not only did they experience the best of orgasms, they also had more of them than any other category.

For men, the thirties are regarded as the precipice of getting old especially if you consider that in sports, when men near towards the end of their thirties, they begin to consider retirement but for women, those are the times that they experience the best sex of their lives.

So, women you have nothing to be afraid of, your thirties will be perhaps the best times for sex.

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