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This may explain why your partner likes having sex in these sex positions!

Personal preference in different scenarios reveal a bit of who we are, and by those choices, we are defined as a person.

William Muse and Amir Khan of
Collegehumour compiled a list of sex positions and what it says about your personality.

1. Missionary
This position is essentially beginners, you want to start things slowly and hopefully things begin to pick up from there.

2. Fellatio
Blowjob for a guy, it means he’s trustworthy and I like him a lot, so I will put his genitals in my mouth.

3. Cunniligus
She is so cool, and I absolutely adore her, so I will take my mouth to her genitals, make her feel good. She is so precious to me that I’m putting my tongue all in there to hear her squirm

4. 69
I’m impatient and I want to get the same time as I’m giving.

5. Fingering
Let’s get this party started, I want to tease her and see if she is ready for the real D.

6. Standing
I’m so strong, I’m confident in my strength that I will pleasure her while we’re standing. I the man should be doing all the work.

7. Cowgirl
She should be doing all the work, I will just be here enjoying the view and hopefully, use my hands.

8. Reverse Cowgirl
I have watched a lot of porn, and I would love to see what this feels like in person. This looks like work for her, but very enjoyable to watch too.

9. Doggy
I’m a man, I should be the one leading this, taking charge, this is for a domineering man.

10. Masturbation
I don’t need anyone, I can do this all by myself.

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