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Whirlpool movement similar to our Milky Way detected in young galaxies

A team of astronomers from the University of Cambridge observed the characteristics of newly formed galaxies post-Big Bang to find results that were far different from the information available till date. The researchers discovered that these young galaxies showcased a swirling gas tendency that is similar to our Milky Way galaxy. It is one of the significant achievements in the field of celestial history as the detection of movement of galaxies wasn’t possible before especially for a time period just after the explosion.

The lead researcher of the team, Dr, Renke Smit explained that the observation of this swirling motion of gas in galaxies from the time period close to the birth of the Universe was seen for the very first instance. The team has been able to detect two of these young galaxies that attained an early maturity to exhibit this swirling motion.

The new observations pertaining to the movement of a mix of several gases present in the galaxy act as a gateway to new and interesting information of the early half of the universe.

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