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Why Pulling Out Is Bad but Preferred To Condoms And Other Contraceptives.

As a guy, you know about this method. Just in case you’ve been in coma throughout your teenage or adult life. Pulling out method is when you have sex without a condom, and pull out just before you ejaculate.

And it is as risky as it sounds, what if something interrupts you during that period. Let me paint this scenario for you, say you’re cheating on your partner, and as you’re about to climax, your phone starts ringing and then you begin to panic instead of pulling out quickly, you dump your full load into her.

Not only is it a possibility that you may impregnate someone, you also run the risk of getting STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). Now, you’re in a dilemma.

As we’ve been saying this is indeed one of the most dangerous pregnancy/STI prevention techniques. There are condoms and other types of contraceptives but some people like to live dangerously.

Shout-out to guys that play it safe by using condoms, you’re doing God’s work!

According to a study conducted by CDC, pulling out was the second most popular means of birth control, they also say it requires a lot of willpower to be able to go through with it. The reason why some folks prefer to pull out instead of using a condom is that they feel condoms reduce the raw intense sensation that comes from a raw flesh on flesh sex.

By now, from word of mouth and everywhere else, you must know pull out method isn’t foolproof. In another study that was carried out by Planned Parenthood, they discovered that about 27 per cent of women who use pull out method get pregnant while using it.

While the withdrawal method is popular among people, and when you ask people. They may tell you that they don’t pull out so they can seem like a decent person. One of the biggest problems with the pull out technique is that the self control that is required.

At the point of pulling out, the sensation is more intense than ever, and the willpower to pull out at that point will be tested insanely, and if you’re not powerful enough, you may have impregnated someone or even worse contacted at STI.

Another reason why it is a failed system is the thing about pre-cum, when your member isn’t coated in rubber, your penis usually has pre-cum which is good enough for get her pregnant. Some pre-cum are as powerful as semen, and you probably wouldn’t know until it has happened to you..

So, for posterity sake, while you’re trying to live dangerously, have it at the back of your mind that it is dangerous for you and your partner. Just use a condom, one not torn or with holes in them.

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