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5 love messages to send your girlfriend on lover's day

It's Valentine's season again and of course, love's magical fragrance is all around us!
While it's OK to have surprise gifts to share in the day and true romance to savour deep into the night, you also need to begin the day on the right note... to set the perfect tome for a long day of spoiling your boo with the sweetest and most heartwarming romantic gestures.

This the most beautiful way to start your girl's Valentine's day: send one of these romantic messages to her - via text or Whatsapp - before she wakes, so your affectionate words will the first thing she sees when she opens those pretty eyes!

So here goes, 5 love messages you can send to your girlfriend on lover's day:

1. Clichéd words are most going to be everywhere today. But I don't do Clichés.
I have no flowery words or long lines about how roses are red or how violets are blue. This is me just being as honest and true with words that come straight from the depths of my heart...
Thank you for being amazing on everyday since you came into my life, honey.
Thank you from being the love of my life. Happy Valentine's, I love you.

2. I could be miserable if you had not brought your reassuring smile, and loving stability into my life. Maybe, maybe not.
But now that I know what it feels like to be with you, I really can't think of a better person to have in my life right now... and I surely can't think of a better woman to share my Valentine with.
Happy Valentine Le boo.

3. I've stressed myself making plans about how I'm going to spend this valentine's day but I realised that the magic of true contentment is not in what we do or where we go.
It's right here in staying with you... on this Valentine's day and every other day.
Happy Valentine's day, babe.

*"4. I need no special days to love you differently. I need no special moments to hold you closer or kiss you deeper.
But it’s Valentine’s and I couldn't let this magical wave depart without riding on it to tell you how much difference you make in my world... how much brightness your smiles light my heart with and how much I really, truly love you.
Happy Valentine’s day, Queen.

5. The spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly.**
So on this Valentine's day and everyday after, I'll have your hands in mine to remind you of how far I want to walk with you and how long I want to be with you...
I'll be holding you when your dreams are still dreams. I'll be there to hold you when you hold our little baby in your arms and I hope to still be the one holding you when we're old and gray... and when we shall both sleep and no longer dream.

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