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Android Oreo brings πŸ‘ improved emoji πŸ˜‰ to Samsung’s devices πŸ“±

Emoji change from platform to platform, but on Android, they can often change from device to device. While many have wised up and started using Google’s emoji to create some kind of standard, Samsung has its own, and now they’re getting a little better with Android Oreo.

Samsung’s emojis have notoriously been terrible. While Google has had its fair share of missteps in design, Samsung’s set of emojis are so confusing that they often end up showing a meaning completely different from their intention. For example, the “cookie” emoji on Samsung devices actually shows a cracker instead, which caused some hilarious confusion last year.

Now, in Android Oreo, Samsung is changing that. Samsung Experience 9.0, which has already started rolling out, delivers a new set of emoji that changes a lot of designs for the better.

One major way Samsung is improving its emoji library, aside from the much-needed redesigns, has come from changing to align more closely with the competition. A lot of the tilted faces that were found in previous versions of Samsung Experience have been straightened out to improve clarity.

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