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Fans of #BBNaija show are so passionate that they're making death threats

The four weeks since Big Brother Naija began have shown us how much Nigerians love the reality show and now an angry fan has added death threats to the show's love language.
Big Brother Naija is streamed live, round the clock, on a dedicated television channel.

Coupled with weekly updates and social media conversations, it has created an environment where fans can follow the most intrisic detail about the housemates and develop strong feelings about them » .

When these housemates are in certain positions, their fans are often eager to stand up for them. But as we have learned today, you may think you're looking out for someone, until someone else throws fire, brimstone and premature death in your eyes.

'Teddy A is not Angel'
After noticing one of the housemates was referring to her favorite housemate in a derogatory manner, a fan of Nina, Twitter user @_Abisoyee_ wrote, " Why is Teddy talking to Nina like Nina is his maid?... Uncle Teddy, hope all is well with you".

Another Twitter user, @Aniveraaaaa came at her immediately, accusing her of watching the show on Twitter, as she had mistaken Angel, another housemate on the show, for Teddy A.
Our Nina fan was hurt, it seems, because she replied by saying the latter should have an autopsy carried out on her brain.

Now, we know an autopsy is usually carried out to check the cause of a person's death, so we'll be asking doctors if they have heard about this brand new brain autopsy idea.

But none of this matters. What matters is that, obviously distressed by the attack on her mental capacity, @Aniveraaaaa began raining a barrage of curses and death threats on the latter, claiming that she was senseless because she called someone a corpse because of a TV program.

Errrm, can we also talk about the fact that you also just sent someone to Golgotha with your own flood of curses?

Nobody can see the face behind a phone's screen

In recent times, we've learned, from Donald Trump to the thousands of people who eat, sleep and drink in Instagram comments, how far people will go to state their cases without filtering any emotional influence on their actions.

The major vehicle in this has been social media.
While in the past, you could be reluctant to get on live TV for instance and call Mr Bolaji " a good for nothing bastard who looks like the fruit of the udala tree ", social media provides the illusion of safety in anonymity.

On the other hand, there is much to be said for the behemoth that is Big Brother Naija.
Fans are so passionate about the show that there are daily vlogs, daily twitter trends and entire televiion shows.

Now, death threats have joined the plot. We just hope nobody decides to pull up on their friend because Teddy A did not answer Bam Bam when she called him.

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