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Ghanaian who invented ‘water bicycle’ gets University scholarship

The Takoradi Technical University in the Western Region has awarded a full scholarship to Mr Frank Darko, a student of the University, who invented a bicycle that is ridden on water. The University announced the decision on its website. A BBC video of the young Ghanaian inventor in January 2018, went viral on social media.

Darko said he invented the water bicycle because he was saddened by a documentary he watched which showed some school children swimming across a river to get to school.

“I was watching a documentary some years back and I saw school children swimming across a river before going to school. So I told myself, what can I do to help these children and I started thinking. Finally I was able to come up with this idea,” he added. Mr. Darko said it took him over a year to come up with the invention.

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