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Guys; How to recognise a babe in her savage phase

Fully embracing your savage phase » [hoe phase] as a guy or babe might actually be the thing you need for successful relationships in the future.

It is an unpopular opinion around these parts but it’s one with merits nonetheless. And those merits indeed make it worth considering.
This explains why more millennials are sampling the savage phase aka hoe phase, trying to get the best of their youth and becoming more in tune with what works for them and what does not.

We have already analysed and told you here all the signs you’ll see in a guy who’s in his hoe phase » .

For balance, here are 5 things you’ll see in a babe who is her savage phase.

1. Goes out a lot more than usual
This is not to say every female who goes out is in her hoe phase but every babe in her phase surely goes out a lot more than the average girl.

She explores her surroundings and all the fun that can be found in the world around her. Clubs, wild parties, concerts, late nights, one night stands, flings, etc are contained in the spectrum of super fun things she’d be out there looking for.

Oh, and of course, the best sex available to her per time.

2. Dresses differently
Not necessarily ratchet but just something different about the way she dresses.
The savage phase is about becoming comfortable with yourself and in your skin, albeit by doing some extreme things.
So for the girl in her hoe phase, her dresses will often be skimpy, sexy, delightful, revealing and calculated to ooze all the sex appeal possible.
3. Gets high
They say this is to enable her to shed her inhibitions when trying something crazy maybe for the first time.
It also gives her something to blame it on.
Cue in Jamie Foxx and Tpain ’s 2008 jam ‘Blame it.’

4. Thirst traps
Because social media is at the centre of everything popping in the life of the millennial, you can expect to see this evolution into the hoe phase on her social media pages.
Varying degrees of hot thirst traps on her Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat pages won’t be uncommon.

5. Commitment is a no no
You shouldn’t bother seeking commitment from this type of babe. Until she’s done with this phase of discovering herself, whatever will hamper the metamorphosis will be avoided by all means.

Serious relationships are often deemed to put a dampener on the activities that this phase is about, so you can be sure that the chance of getting commitment from a babe in her hoe phase is pretty much the same as expecting to see someone having a warm bath on a hot afternoon in Lagos.

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