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Is Selena👩🏻‍🎤 Ready to Accept Marriage Proposal💍 From Justin Bieber?

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that Justin Bieber, 23, and Selena Gomez‘s newfound romance is going pretty darn well! So good in fact, we’ve been hearing that the crooner is contemplating popping the question! But if Justin got down on one knee, would she even say yes?!

“Selena has made it clear to Justin that she doesn’t want to rush things, she wants to wait until the initial crazy passionate stage of them getting back together again fades before making any kind of permanent decisions like getting married,” an insider shares.

“Selena and Justin have always had super intense chemistry sexually–that’s never been a problem. It’s the day-to-day grind of being together that they’ve struggled with.”

The source went on to add that, although Sel is impressed with Justin’s devotion, she wants to make sure he’s really committed to her. “There’s no doubt that Justin appears to be a lot more mature now, and has really curbed his partying, but she wants to be completely sure that it’s a permanent change, and that he’s not just going through the motions in order to win her back. Things are amazing between them right now, and Justin is being the boyfriend that she’s always wanted him to be, but Selena still has some lingering trust issues stemming from their past that need to be resolved.

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