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Liverpool fan hacked Dele Alli’s iCloud and Released His Sextape Following Anfield Dive

We’re obviously not going to share it, but there’s a video going round which is likely to cause Dele Alli significant embarrassment today…

It won’t take too much Googling.
And the internet firmly believes that a Liverpool fan hacked the Tottenham midfielder’s iCloud and leaked the clip following yesterday’s 2-2 draw at Anfield.

Alli took a horrible dive in the second half, for which he was booked, but has potentially paid a much bigger price..

We have no idea who shared the Alli tape (nor do we condone it) – but we wouldn’t put it past the fanbase who managed to track Jurgen Klopp’s plane into Merseyside and researched which club vans would pick up prospective signings over the summer!
John Moss should probably delete any online footprint as well…

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