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[READ UP] An Open-Letter To The Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC)


According to Cambridge English Dictionary, Scam (Noun) means "an illegal plan for making money, especially one that involves tricking people". Scam can be perpetrated in various ways which includes internet fraud, lottery and ponzi schemes among others. But little or no attention has been paid to a common scam which has been affecting the growth of Nigeria, most importantly Ondo State.

Benin Electricity Distribution Plc. (BEDC) is this scam which I am talking about. The reason why I have labeled BEDC as a scam is carefully stated below.

Around August, 2017, there was a case whereby a particular item was removed from 7 different electrical substations (Transformers) within Owo. Interestingly, this item which was alleged to have been stolen was removed from each of those substations on the same day. I found it difficult to comprehend how someone who isn't a BEDC official could have removed such item from the substation. Coincidentally, the 4 Akoko Local Governments which have been in blackout for years were suddenly offered a fitful electricity supply after they offloaded their "BEDC acclaimed debt". Aje ke lana omo ku loni, tani o sai mope aje ana lo pa omo je (You might need someone to decipher this yoruba proverb).

More like MTN asking their users to construct a network mast before they can make use of their network, or like First Bank asking me to buy them a Teller Machine for my own use in their banking hall, BEDC, under your watch, had the courage to levy these poor customers who before then were being offered fitful electricity supply. Since we are all living in a lawless society, the customers in each substations complied and danced to your tune, even when you ordered them to put someone's name as the buyer, so as to cover up your scam. You even threatened them that you won't fix the item that was purchased by the poor customers unless they agree to your fact that "one of them purchased it for their use".

The item was purchased for Okedogbon substation (Isikaiye Junction) and all terms and conditions were accepted. If a group of customers could raise as much as 400,000 naira to purchase an item, one would begin to expect an uninterruptible power supply. Unfortunately, these poor customers were once again offered same fitful electricity supply. They have been scammed, oh God why!

A street pole was damaged around Ekungba street some months ago, I was reduced to a perfect nonplus when I heard that BEDC told the customers affected to purchase a pole themselves and even demanded for a token before such pole is erected. This is barbaric and insane, it took the timely intervention of Chief Ekungba before you guys could come over to fix the pole.

Apart from collecting charges, can you highlight one simple contribution of BEDC to their customers? You can't purchase Street poles, you can't purchase electricity cables, you can't purchase Transformers for the use of your customers, you even went as far as stealing equipments from substations in order to make some quick cash. You're more like P in Psychology and something like K in Knife.

You have scammed us enough in Okedogbon, and for this, I say "Thank You". Truly I have seen it vividly and I can testify to it that Your BEDC has nothing to offer.

You might need an Economics tutor to explain to you "The Law of Demand and Supply". But let me break it down for you, Our Demand is high, Your Supply is low - hence you cannot make profit. Get yourself a good economics teacher and thank me later.

From Temitope O. Eyinla, a frustrated customer from Okedogbon Street, Owo.

A printed copy of this letter will be sent to the office of the Branch Manager before Thursday, 15th of February, 2018.

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