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Samsung blasts πŸ’₯ its previous world record πŸ’ͺ with massive new enterprise-grade 30TB SSDs

Samsung has today unveiled a new line of SSDs for enterprise systems that doubles its previous world's largest capacity.

The new SSDs, PM1643 offer some amazing specs aside from doubling storage in these drives from 15TB to 30TB, which is a feat of its own.

Samsung's VP of memory sales and marketing, Jaesoo Han also said the company will be putting lots of focus on moving 10TB and larger SSDs forward quickly.

Samsung will continue to move aggressively in meeting the shifting demand toward SSDs over 10TB and at the same time, accelerating adoption of our trailblazing storage solutions in a new age of enterprise systems.

SSD prices have been dropping quickly over the past few years, with Samsung's internal 2.5-inch EVO SSDs now available under $100, and 1TB versions for under $300.

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