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Sex Lover Is Spending 21 Years In Jail For Putting Manhood In Little Boy's Mouth

In Lagos, Nigeria, a young man named Oladimeji Michael, has been sentenced to 21 years in jail for putting his manhood in a little boy's mouth » .

The verdict was given by Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya of the Lagos High Court for a sexual assault on his landlady's son. In a report, the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team confirmed that he committed the offence on September 5, 2013, at Kadiri Street, Alausa, Ikeja.

It was alleged that the convict initiated the abusive sexual act while in a bathroom with the infant who is aged 3.

A neighbour, Ifeanyi who was able to view the act via a door opening communicated the incident to the victim's mother, Iyabo. The latter knocked down the covering after witnessing Michael in the act it was gathered.

Punch News reported that she held on to the sexual abuser while attracting the attention of residents. She made sure to prevent the young man from wearing his clothes.

The testimonies of three witnesses, Ifeanyi; the boy’s mother, Iyabo; and the Investigating Police Officer, W/Cpl. Okunola Modupe, proved successful in proving the convict's wrongdoing.

“Ifeanyi said in his evidence that another neighbour, known as Obilaw, asked him to go and check what was happening in the bathroom. He said when he got there, he saw the defendant putting his private parts in the victim’s mouth.

"He said he rushed to call the boy’s mother in her shop. Ifeanyi claimed that it was not the first time Michael had done this, and he had been advised to stop but he refused.

“The victim’s mother, Iyabo, said her son had left her shop to meet the grandmother inside the house that day. Thereafter, Ifeanyi informed her about what the defendant was doing to her son.

"She said when she got to the bathroom door, she peeped through a hole and saw the defendant putting his private parts into the mouth of her son. She said she immediately pushed the door open, held the defendant down and alerted other people.

"She said she did not allow him to pull up his trousers. Iyabo said she took her son to report at the police station,” a report compiled by the representatives of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Response team revealed.

Sexual abuse of children a common issue in Nigeria
A well proven case has ensured that the accused, Oladimeji Michael, begins a prison term on Tuesday, February 6, 2018.

It was gathered that the new inmate who initially denied charges brought up against him, committed the condemnable act because he was tired.

The incident adds to fresh events relating to sexual abuse on teenagers and toddlers » by close relations and family friends who have access to them based on trust established over a long period.

Recent happenings have proved that the terrible trend is propagated by individuals such as the fathers of the victims.

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