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Top 🐘Ivory Investigator Esmond Martin Killed💐 in Nairobi

Esmond Bradley Martin, one of the world's leading ivory trade investigators living in Kenya, was on Sunday found dead in his house at Langata, Nairobi. The 75-year-old, who was alone in the Nairobi house, had a stab wound in the neck. Esmond has authored several ground-breaking investigative reports on rhino and ivory smuggling in Kenya and the trade in China, Vietnam, and Laos.

He was said to have been working on his latest report on the rhino and ivory trade by the time of his death. Nairobi DCI boss Ireri Kamwende said they are yet to identify Esmond's attackers. His wife, who reported the death, said she found her husband's lifeless body after coming from a nature walk at around 4 pm.

Esmond, an American geographer, had been travelling all over the world with his wife, Chryssee Martin, and colleagues Lucy Vigne and Dan Stiles. They were on a mission to identify ivory and rhino markets, the traffickers and the modern-day uses. He was a one time UN special envoy for rhino conservation.

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