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Watch ⚡Elon Musk Freak Out Over the Falcon Heavy 🚀Launch📹

On February 6, SpaceX made history with the largely successful first launch of its Falcon Heavy rocket—and National Geographic was there, right alongside SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. In preparation for the second season of MARS, which is returning to Nat Geo this fall, a camera crew followed Musk and his team on the day of the launch, capturing their reactions as the rocket rumbled to life.

“Holy flying f--k, that thing took off,” Musk exclaimed. Moments later, he and SpaceX staffers ran out the door of the launch control centre and turned their gazes upward. “Look at that! That's unreal!” Musk cried out. But as Musk emphasized before and after the launch, success was hardly a given. “We tried to cancel the Falcon Heavy program three times at SpaceX, because it [was] way harder than we thought," said Musk in a press briefing after the launch.

As National Geographic reported from Cape Canaveral on Tuesday, the Falcon Heavy launch is a milestone for private companies' journey into space. At peak performance, the massive rocket can lift 141,000 pounds—equal to the weight of two adult sperm whales—into low-Earth orbit. Only NASA's Saturn V rocket, which carried astronauts to the moon, has lifted more that high.

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