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How would you describe this insulting act by Bank officials?

A lot of issues baffle me with Nigerian banks and their customer relations. Maybe people are treated based on their account balance or based on their familiarity with the bank employees or maybe customers are no longer a priority!?

This man lying down there is an elderly man who went to the counter at a Zenith bank to withdraw but there was mismatch of his age and bvn and he was delayed.
While there, he was feeling not too well and all of a sudden needed somewhere to rest a while. Could you believe for about five minutes, the staffs acted like nothing is happening.

The Old man was left unattended to. After few minutes, the customer asked to use the toilet but the staff reply was absurd.

Finally after almost three hours, they replied the man and said he would write a letter but they will help him.

How would you rate our banking services?

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