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DRUG ABUSE! Say No To Drug Abuse Before It Kills You

**It started like a wind when the magical syrup became the household commodity and the daily food in youthful parties, in case of a birthday party or unavailability of *Shisha in a club*, Sabi boys will order for “OJA” (abusive drugs) and move on with life.

Some will hardly do without it, for others, it is tramadol but for many, it is codeine 
“Coco”. The “slow men movement” is a fraternity that idolizes codeine, for what?. I don’t think I know.

Initially, I never wanted to write about this drug menace because I was even confused on whether to tackle 
tramadol, refnol, tutoline, Marijuana or the “sweet codeine** and the fact that writing to condemn such may even inspire harsh criticisms from youths and friends that are sweetly addicted to these drugs especially codeine*.

Now that the day is over, I mean the “day of codeine” as the Nigerian government did the needful by placing a ban on the drug but we have to *thank the foreign BBC media team that gave a very touching documentary about sweet sweet codeine and saved us from.

The “lazy Nigerian media” that are mostly fond of trending political propagandas but neglecting needful social issues*.

But am scared of the “Science students” who will still end up going to their “laboratories to cook up addictive drugs with spirit, ethanol, gum, weed and other cough syrups“, so the war is not just about the government banning the drug but fighting a war with

The local drug traders killing our generation for selfish reasons, musicians, hyping such menace in their songs and by engaging in massive awareness about the dangers of drug abuse/helping the codeine addicts prevalent in the north and most private universities in the south.

Frankly, the battle against this drug menace must be a tactical one, an aggressive one and a source of societal re-engineering. Churches, mosques, tertiary institutions.

NGOs and most especially the media must be ready to key into this project and regularly dissuade youths from the abuse of drugs by exposing youths to the dangers of drug abuse medically and psychologically.

Written By: Odusbaba Wisebookers

Guy, Do You Think The Consumption Of This Drugs Can Stop?

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