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Ji Masun!! Wake up! Don’t sleep – Read This If You Want To Achieve Something Great This New Week

Hello Everyone,

Good morning and hope you all slept well?
Our prayer for you all – This week/month will surely be a great one for us. All our Aspirations & Dreams will sure come to pass
My brothers & sisters, don’t just say Amen and continue wasting your time, Go out & get something doing. Even God dislike idleness & joblessness.

Stop dreaming of how to get rich accidentally at the corner of your room or with some junky friends, Magic doesn’t happen like that.


I have seen people who wish to luckily pass through the Dust Bin dump ground to see a Ghana-Must-Go Bag filled with Money
I have seen people who pray to just jam one Big man that will change their life just like that


Money no dey grow for Dust bin yard my brother/sister.. E no possible.

No rich man is coming to give you big money to establish yourself and live a comfortable life from there.

Discover, develop, and deploy your talent.


Don’t just deploy, find a way to make people pay for your services.

Don’t worry. It’s going to get very difficult.
But if you sit and continue to dream about how church luck is going to fall on you one day and you will have an encounter with a rich man and he’s going to ask you to go come head one of his companies.

It’s going to get a lot harder.

Because, no rich man is coming.

Wake up.

This is my preaching for you this morning.
God bless you all.

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