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World Cup: See Maradona’s Reaction When Messi Scored Nigeria (Photos)

Maradona as been caught on camera appearing to enter a trance-like state after Lionel Messi scored his first goal at the Russia World Cup.

The World Cup and Golden Ball winner was filmed celebrating from the stands in St Petersburg moments after Messi opened the scoring against Nigeria.

As the cameras panned over to him, the 57-year-old appeared elated as Argentina took the lead in the crucial final game of Group D.

In the footage, widely shared on social media, Maradona folds his arms across his chest while looking into the sky and muttering to himself.

Eagle-eyed viewers watching coverage of the game speculated that Maradona was having an “out-of-body experience”.

One posted: “Pretty sure Maradona just had an out-of-body experience after Messi’s goal.”

Sharing the video of his reaction, another wrote: “Maradona having an out of body experience via Messi’s goal.”

A third commented: “Maradona looked possessed when Messi scored that goal.”

One fan even suggested Maradona has eclipsed Messi, writing: “Fair to say Maradona overshadowed Messi’s goal.”

Later on in the game, Maradona, who won the World Cup with Argentina in 1986, was filmed appearing to nod off towards the end of the first 45-minutes.

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