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What Is The First Thing You’ll Do If You Get Elected As President Of Nigeria?

2019 is around the corner and we all are probably gearing up to vote out the bad guys and put our own guys there.

Most people have complained about the current state of things in Nigeria while some are contented with how things are. To them, I the guy at the helms of affairs right now is trying his best, so we should leave him to continue.

Discussions about 2019 erupt everyday. What has he done? See how we are suffering, people in a bus would argue. But have we stopped and thought about this.

What if we were actually the President? With the pressure that comes with becoming a president, going to meetings, brainstorming with key leaders, getting invites to weddings and several other occasions, it’s not even easy?

So, what is the first thing you’ll do if you get elected as President of Nigeria.

We all know the different problems affecting us in this country. There are some areas in this country that have not had light in 2018. Some it’s water.

Most people still drink from the river in most states. Others, it is housing. How many people are living in their houses in Nigeria?

But what if we were elected as President in 2019

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