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Here Is A Drink That Can Get You Into The Mood For Some Good Sex

You’re probably wondering what drink this is, that we’re about to talk about. If it’s the local herb, Opa Eyin, Ale and Afato. Hopefully, you know how to produce those, they’re mainly Yoruba words. Gone are the days of Alomo or Ogidiga.

I’m sure there are others that are now reigning, and they’ve all got crazy names, like Baby Oku.
I’m still from the school of thought that they’re effective in helping guys last longer in bed » but science hasn’t given reasons to back this claim. The one we’re discussing today is backed with scientific facts. We can all agree that having alcoholic beverage can make people horny. It’s being proven time and time again, and we feel it too.

Different alcoholic drinks have their uses, for instance whiskey can make one very playful, and tequila more dangerous, it’ll black you out, and make you as 'slutful' as possible, probably hook up with anyone even if barely alive, reports Zeynep Yenisey, Maxim.

These drinks vary and have almost different effect on sexuality. For the best result in the bedroom, something to get you in the mood and make things more amazing than it is. A bottle of red wine is what you need for a memorable night. This has been backed by scientist..

According to a recent study, it was found that people who drink fair amount of red wine will have higher sex drives than people who have different kind of alcohol.

To make this even better, the study also found that men who have two glasses of red wine a day will have an elevated testosterone level than men who don’t drink red wine, which is why they have higher sexual appetite, we all know the testosterone is a manly hormone.

Red wine contains quercetin that helps to restrict UGT2B17 enzyme, the one responsible for getting testosterone out of the body, the more testosterone you’ve got in your body, the hornier you get..

Men aren’t the only ones benefiting from this elixir from God, women do as well. It makes women horny too. It floods the body with blood to the important erogenous zones, this is very helpful in arousal in women.

Thanks to this study, we also got to know that women who drink red wine are way hornier than those who drank anything else. There are aromas in red wine that can get women turned on such as, musky, wood, earthy or cherry-like.
If you want to have a crazy sexual adventure later in the night, kick start your evening with a bottle of red wine.

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