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Top 5 sex positions if she’s pregnant

Hey! On the bright side, you cannot impregnate her right now. So, you can have some fun without thinking about that. Pregnant women are known to have higher sex drive which needs to be satisfied, that’s your job, get busy!

One reason for this horny nature is because of the bonding experience that you can occur during the pregnancy period with her partner. Bonding eventually raises the level of sexual desires that need to be fulfilled.

She’ll also experience heightened estrogen level throughout the pregnancy which means increased blood flow and secretion in the vagina. The swelling in the vaginal canal and clitoris when combined with the better lubrication, can make the orgasm out of this world.

Before we proceed with this, sex during pregnancy is very safe. Here are the sex positions that are ideal with your pregnant partner, as prescribed by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan.

1. The spoon
This position is already a favorite for people, and very good for her when the pregnancy becomes heavy. This way you can show her you’re still in love with her, with all the cuddling going on while your penis penetrates her as she lies by your side. Spooning sex should be on your list even if she isn’t pregnant.

2. Mama Boar
This position reminds some people about how the woman gives birth, quite reversed though. It looks like a primal position, the animalistic nature that we got. The guy kneels behind her while she almost sits on his laps. Stay there and enjoy the pure base human action. This position is quite hot too.

3. The Doggy
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have stop doing doggy style. Infact one of the most convenient positions during pregnancy is doggy theme sex position. What more? He’ll still be able to stroke your pussy depending how along in the pregnancy she is. It’ll feel good.

4. The side missionary
Perhaps the most romantic position on this list, ample time to stare into each other’s eyes. Studying it for emotions and everything. Missionary position is very much out of it in the second and third trimester.
This position feels like a modified missionary position, prop one of her butt and side up with a pillow then the guy faces her, and both intertwine their legs together. He can adjust himself that the belly doesn’t get into the way.

5. At her service
Another modification of the missionary style. Raise her up with pillows and have her sit on the edge of the bed. Depending on how he feels, he can stand or kneel before her, at this point he can penetrate her and also stimulate her clitoris with his hands as he thrusts into her.

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