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Ericsson tells operators: 5G is ready

Ericsson CEO Borje Ekholm has told its service provider customers that 5G is no longer an abstract concept, but is rapidly becoming a reality. Speaking at MWC 18 in Barcelona, he said that superior mobile broadband would be the first large-scale use case, but it would work with operators to determine the true benefits of next-generation networks.

Ericsson has signed 38 memorandums of understanding with operators and expects to complete some commercial deployments by the end of 2018. “We will focus not only on why and what but also on how. This is what our customers – the service providers – want to discuss,” he said. “Customer feedback was the foundation for our focused strategy launched last year and now in how we are showcasing our products and technologies in our hall.”

It is expected that 5G will deliver gigabit speeds, huge capacity and extremely low latency. This means it should reduce costs, something which is appealing to operators who will have to cope with a 40 percent increase in data traffic each year.

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