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Quincy Jones Wasn't Lying 😱 About Michael Jackson Stealing 'Billie Jean'❗

Michael Jackson straight-up stole his signature hit, "Billie Jean," from Donna Summer ... is what Quincy Jones claims, and it turns out on this topic, at least -- Quincy ain't so crazy.

Through the magic of editing -- just like they do in recording studios -- we slowed down Donna's song, and BAM!

The first 8 seconds here are just "State of Independence" ... then we added the famous bass line from "Billie Jean" on top of it.

As for the timing
Donna's album was released in the summer of 1982 ... when MJ and Quincy would have been working on the "Thriller" album.

We got lover-of-all-things-MJ, Corey Feldman, out last night, and he thinks Quincy should share some of the blame for the song theft.

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