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Ekiti2018: Fayose’s Failure To Pay Drivers Sparks Violence

Failure of Governor Ayodele Fayose to settle the drivers he called to park their vehicles in the Government House to cause traffic difficulty for APC members during their mega rally yesterday has sparked violence between the drivers and the governor’s aides.

One of the drivers union leaders, Kamoru Ojuolape, who stormed the Government House this morning to demand for the money promised them, said they were angry because the governor failed to pay them N10,000 he promised them for parking their vehicles overnight in order to disrupt transportation system to hurt APC rally, but instead they were given N2, 000.
He said the drivers became unruly when they discovered that some parts of their vehicles had been stolen.

Requests to see the governor was turned down while some of the aides of the governor blasted the drivers who responded by throwing punches. Some of the governor’s aides joined the fray, which further drew the anger of other drivers.

In the orgy of violence that ensued, policemen were called in to quell the riot with tear gas. Minutes later, the picture of the governor who was nowhere near the scene appeared on social media that he was tear-gassed by the police.

The police have invited the leaders of the drivers to the police headquarters to settle the matter.

Shortly afterward, Fayose appeared with the neck collar on television claiming that the police wanted to kill him over Saturday election.

He claimed that they are planning to lie and mislead the public and get public sympathy.

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