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What Movie Can You Watch All The Time And Never Get Tired Of Watching?

It’s a common thing that we all love watching movies.

If not for this World Cup that made some of us football addicts, we all would have been tuning to MNet movie zone or even Africa Magic Yoruba whining a time since there’s no premier league football.

A few of us have had the opportunity to watch some classic movies I’m the past. And movies is somehow synonymous to music, you hear it and want to play it again. Same thing with movies but the disadvantage is the time length.

Imagine watching a 3 hours movie again.

That’s like 6hours out of the whole day gone. Kilode But there are really some interesting and cool movies we’ve all seen in the past that we fell love with.

Some made us stronger, some made us emotional and some made us laugh our worries away.

Who here has watched a movie that actually made you cry and feel sober. It’s only real life movies that can do this.

Me:- From to Death Race to Avenger Civil war, Black panther and Acrimony these are movies I can watch over and over again

So guys it’s your turn

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