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Falz The Actor VS Falz The Rapper, Which Do You Prefer?

It’s interesting how the brand Falz The Bahd Guyhas grown to become an all-round entertainer plying trade in acting and music respectively.

The fact that he is winning on both sides is quite remarkable. It’s not easy to be addressed as Award winning actor and rapper at the same time 😀.

Just last weekend, Falz claimed his second AMVCA award when he won Best Supporting Actor in a Movie/TV Series category. If not Falz, which musician do you know is having’ AMVCA?

Falz who made a mark in the music industry this year with his song “This Is Nigeria” has a good number of musical awards to his credit.

He’s got Headies Best Collaboration in 2016, City People Music Album Of The Year 2016 to mention but few.

Considering his role on Jennifer’s Diary and other movies as well as his ground breaking records like “Soldier“, “This Is Nigeria“, “Karishika“, “Softwork” among others,  it’s necessary that we find out which side of Falz’s talent makeup is more accepted by fans.

The questions now are 👇

Falz As An Actor And Falz As A Rapper, Which Do You Prefer?

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